Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA lately! This month was really crazy for me. First there were
holidays, New Year's Eve, Christmas, my birthday, Orthodox New Year, most of the time
I was away, at my boyfriend's. Then, I started working on my thesis, finally. Then, I found
some interesting online jobs, which require a lot of time though. These are the reasons why,
and I'm not happy about it, I had to neglect this online corner and leave you without my
"always super cool" posts :P Also the weather was awful most of the month (nothing 
strange for January, right?! ) so we're missing outfit posts. I hope I'll make it up to you
in February. Until then enjoy the collage of January instagram clicks. And don't forget
to follow me >>>> @katymage

1. Christmas gifts 2. New Year's Eve with my boyfriend 3. wintertime
4. in love with the new interior of a coffee shop "Šmizla " in Niš 5.  vegetarian pizza
6. a bit retarded birthday selfie 7. me and my boyfriend again 8. found this nail polish
at a local Chinese store, love the color and skull packing 9. new coffee cup

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