Hey guys! How are you? After a long, long time here's a new post in "Inspiration" section. Fall is
 just around the corner and here are some pieces and outfits I find inspiring for the upcoming season.
Hopefully you'll "Fall in love" with them as much as I did ;)

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OUTFIT| If You Go Away (Tidestore cat print shirt)

We're still riding out the last bit of Summer here, but mornings and nights are getting cooler and we're 
slowly, slowly transiting into Fall. It's my favorite season - layering, boots, hats, and best of all legwear! 
So, for today one transitional look, inspired partly by 70s and partly by 90s fashion. It would be no 
wrong if I say just 90s, cause many of the 70s trends had their big revival right in this decade. However, 
I really enjoy this way of  clothing. OK, I'm not a huge fan of shirts (with the exception of denim ones
 and flannels) but this one easily bought me with it's charming cat print and not too showy detail, in a
 form of tiny round rivets, on it's collar. I found it on I combined it with denim
shorts, black thigh highs and patent combat boots. To complete the look I accessorized it with fringe
 bag, hat and my favorite pair of sunglasses. Enjoy the photos and let me know your thoughts...

photo credits: Jelena Jović

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Hey guys! Today I'm happy to share with you couple of photos from a photoshoot we did last week
with a new contributor of my blog, photographer Jelena Jović, at her home studio. On the way to her 
house I was thinking what kind of photos I'd like to do, since I prepared two totally different outfits.  
For the one you see, since it's a bit dark, I thought how great it would be if she had a cat that can 
pose with me. It would be amazing if she had a black one! But, no... what are the odds that she has
just a black cat... As I entered the house, a cat ran right in front me! And it was black! Woooow! 
I really am a "mage"! XD One thing I couldn't anticipate is that the cat was a little restless, so it
wasn't easy to catch it and make it pose in front of the camera. Anyway, we managed to take 
some shots. When the cat escaped, Jelena's younger daughter was so kind to borrow me her
 bunny :) Now I leave you to enjoy the photos. Don't forget to write a line or two what you think ;)

dress: ALEXBUY (find it here)  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png shoes: VESSOS (find them here
tights: DAILY CHARMS (find them here)

photo credits: Jelena Jovic Zaza

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OUTFIT| Different Kind Of Story

Hey guys! How's your week going? Mine is pretty busy so far. A lot of things happened. Inter alia,
Dare 2 Wear got a new member! It's a photographer Jelena Jovic-Zaza. She's already built a respectfull
 name among Serbian photographers by winning prestigious awards for her work. Her photos were also
approved by art+commerce Vogue (you can check her photos for Vogue here). She lives in my town, we
knew each other by sight, but last week I had a chance to meet her in  person and discuss about a possible collaboration for my blog. My very first idea was to do one shooting of an outfit, but at the end it turned out
 that we can have a long term collaboration! She started working immediately. During the conversation she
started taking photos of me. I was like: "Wait, wait I'm not ready!". When I finally relaxed I started posing
and cafe "Retro", where we met for a cup of coffee, turned into a photoshoot set. Noone was around so
we could use the whole space. It was really fun. So, in front of you are some photos created that day.
This week we had two photoshoots at her studio and I can't wait to show you the results!
Stay tuned! ;)

blouse: H&M skirt: DAILY CHARMS boots: HIDDEN FASHION

photo credit: Jelena Jovic-Zaza

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