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Happy Monday dolls! I hope you had a great weekend. Just a quick hello today, I'm a bit in a hurry,
packing bags and stuff cause I'm leaving later today. I'm going to visit my boyfriend, finally. We haven't
 seen each other for about a month. He lives in other town, you know... I'll stay there for about 10 days,
but don't worry if I have a chance I'll stop by and drop a few lines here ;) In case you miss me so bad
you can follow me on instagram, I'll be active there since I'm addicted XD >>> @katymage
Before I leave I want to share with you photos of an outfit featuring my new leo wedges with tattoo
embroidery from I LOVE SEXY online store. Like them?

blouse: H&M  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png jeans: MISS SIXTY  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png bandana: NEW YORKER


Hey girls! Today we are going for little online shopping. I wanna share with you some cool stuff I found 
on TIDESTORE online store. This Summer I'm totally into prints! Polka dots, florals, stripes... I embrace
them all. This Summer I decided to experiment more with my style. I find it shocking when people tell 
me: "Hey, I like your androginy style!" or "I like that boyish outfit!" Waaaait a minute! That wasn't
 really my intention. It's not that I don't like boyish clothes, but maybe it's time to add some girly vibes
 in my closet. Here's some items that grabbed my attention the most on TIDESTORE and I wouldn't
mind If someone buy me all of them. Frankly, it would be highly appreciated. XD


Next, OCRUN.COM, shop specialized in selling Lolita clothes is having an awesome promotion
at the moment in order to repay to their loyal customers.

* 5%OFF for every new costumer 
* $10 coupon from ROMWE for the first 10 daily customers who buy the
* FREE random accessory to the first 50 daily customers on ocrun.com
* FREE underskirt for every dress or skirt purchase

This promotion is valid from 05/07/2014 to 31/07/2014

And little bit about OCRUN.
OCRUN is the leading supplier of online shopping for Lolita Clothing. Our company 
TECHONOLOGY, originally located in Hong-Kong, China aiming to operate the business-to-customer
transaction with costumers worldwide. Along with the rapid development of Electronic Business in 
China, OCRUN has earned itself a solid reputation for high quality, reliability, craftsmanship, careful 
packing and swift logistics support etc. OCRUN brings tangible benefits to costumers through
 favorable policy, affiliate discount, privacy protection and well-rounded customer support. We aim
"One World, One Price" four our costumers.
Lolita is a very special fashion style featuring its childlike innocence and old-fashioned elegance.
There are three main types of lolita clothing: sweet lolita, elegant gothic lolita and classic lolita. But you
 may also find other styles of lolita clothing here such as school lolita dresses, cosplay lolita dresses,
gothic victorian dresses and so on. Welcome to ocrun.com Thanks!

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Enjoy the weekend girls, see you on Monday when I'll wait for you here
with a new outfit post ;)

 photo katy_zps2b2bf51c.png


OK, it's not a Cadillac DeVille nor Chevy Camaro but for this occasion it'll work XD Hey guys, what's
 up? New outfit's here today! What I like most about it is this "Danzig" t-shirt I created myself thanks
 to HICUSTOM. With easy-to-use design software on HICUSTOM you can create your own t-shirts, 
hoodies, mugs and phone cases with some of their numerous designs or upload any image you like
and add custom text. I created a t-shirt with a logo of one of my favorite bands and added lines from
my favorite song called 13. I hope yu like how it turned out :) I'm styling my new denim vest, again, 
from SOURPUSS (you could read more about them in my previous post) and new punkish jeans
from TIDESTORE. Enjoy the photos and tell me what you think ;)

vest: SOURPUSS (here photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png jeans: TIDESTORE (here photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png t-shirt: HICUSTOM
necklace: DXMALL (here photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png creepers: PERSUNMALL

 photo katy_zps2b2bf51c.png


Hey, there! Today, as I announced in my previous post, I'm happy to finally share with you a new 
outfit, product of a collaboration with the label SOURPUSS CLOTHING. It's a perfect place for 
punks, pinups, rockabillies, psychobillies and all other billies. SOURPUSS has a wide range of cool
 clothes and accessories for both girls and boys, as well as cute housewares. For this collaboration, 
which is, I must admit, one of my dearest so far, I had opportunity to style two items from their
amazing assortment. I just love this rose print tank dress. It's ideal for warm summer days. But
when styling it, on my mind I had a more night outfit idea, going out with friends or going to a 
concert. So, I combined with a denim vest, also from SOURPUSS, red combat boots and skull 
tights for an edgy look. For a day variant I would wear it with ballet flats or some flat sandals.
Also, here's a new piece from my jewellery box, a bat necklace from DXMALL.

P.S. Have you watched the serial "TRUE DETECTIVE"? I watched it couple of days ago,
and I'm impressed, not that much with the plot as with the character of a detective Rust Cohle.
If you watched it, you might remember the song, if not anyway push the play button, you might
like it :)

dress: SOURPUSS (find it HERE)  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png vest: SOURPUSS (find it HERE)
necklace: DXMALL (find it HERE photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png bag: CHICNOVA  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png sunnies: SUNDRIED
boots: DRESSLILY  photo rose1_zpsed0d51c2.png tights: ROMWE

 photo katy_zps2b2bf51c.png


Hey guys! How are you? After a short pause in posting, I'm back with some changes on the blog.
After more than 3 years of blogging I felt like this blog really needs them. It became boring even
to myself, haha. As you can see the name of the blog is changed, by adding my pseudonym. Name
Dare 2 Wear alone had more sense when this blog was all about trends and styles, daring people to
incorporate them in their own way of clothing. That was the main idea when I first started blogging.
With time, I started publishing photos of my outfits and from fashion blog it slowly turned into a
personal style blog. So, I wanted it to have a more personal name. Changing a name in total
and the blog domain would be a complicated thing to do, and hard for people to reach the blog.
 So, I kept it but the accent is on my pseudonym which I use for my (amateur) modeling. Katy
as a version of my real name, close friends usually call me like that. Mage partly to describe some
 of my interests such as magic, wisdom, shamanism, spirits and stuff.  Partly, it comes from this:
I'm a huge cat lover and If you remember, in every single cartoon, movie or comic where there's
a wizard (mage) or a witch, his/her "bestie" is a cat. Also the name, along with my "Bettie bangs",
could be an allusion to Bettie Page, 1950's "Queen of Pinups". That would be about the new blog
 name. Concerning contents, I will continue to share with you daily outfits and photos from my
photoshoots, my inspirations, shopping hauls, suggest you places where to shop and host some
cool people in my "Lounge". Also I'm glad to announce you that some new rubrics are in
 preapration as well as some new amazing collaborations. So stay tuned ;)
And I hope you like the new blog design. 

For the end I would ask you for a favor, please support my new facebook page to stay
 updated with my modeling work, artworks, blog and other stuff I do ;)
The old facebook page will be also active for blog purposes only...

P.S. The photo above is just a sneak peek of the new outfit coming soon on my blog
as a part of the collaboration with one amazing label. Can't tell you more, so stay tuned ;)

 photo katy_zps2b2bf51c.png